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Do you have a pet that is aging and ready to cross over soon? Are you scared, anxious, or apprehensive to let your pet go? Do you wish you could understand exactly what your pet is experiencing?

As a globally renowned, award-winning Top Hospice Pet Doula and Pet Healer, I am here to guide you through this entire process! I will provide unwavering support and comfort. With compassion, I’ll share insights into what your pet is feeling physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Your pet and you are cherished, and I love you both deeply. Drawing from my own experiences, I am here to offer dedicated support as you navigate this journey together.

I help dying pets cross over in peace and bring comfort to pet owners.

Having survived two near-death experiences that gave me direct witness to the ‘other side’. I have served as a bridge between our two worlds and have used my experience to help bring peace and healing to people and their pets. Through my own experience of crossing over, you will learn exactly what your pet is experiencing throughout the entire process. I will be sending both you and your pet healing energy to make the transition peaceful and comforting.

As you sense your pet’s journey approaching, we’ll arrange a compassionate 15-minute call to guide you through what to anticipate during this tender time.

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